La terapia con sofosbuvir, harvoni, simeprevir, daclatasvir, 3D AbbVie
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I finished my therapy in July 2016: I didn't have fatigue nor I felt nervous. My skin was drier and I had backache. The terapy was very soft. I advice you only to keep calm and not to think about cancer: yur only purpose now is : Not Detected: Have a nice Sunday.
mar. 1981: epat. acuta . nonanonb.

feb. 96: HCV +,Gen1a.

5/2/16-21/7/16 : TERAPIA HARVONI +COPEGUS( 2 +3).

22/7/16, 14/7/17, 7/7/18, 2/8/19, : NON REATTIVO...